High Cooling Power Cryocoolers

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High Cooling Power Cryocoolers

The growth demand of Dual band/Color detectors and Mega pixel detectors for high end applications is  derived from  the need for high cooling power cryocoolers that can operate at extreme conditions >100°C ambient.

Ricor’s rotary integral and split Cryocoolers such as K548 and K549 models with cooling power of >0.75W at 71°C  have qualified and are in production in several projects with harsh vibration profiles and  an extreme ambient in the range of 85°C up to 115°C. Both Cryocoolers integrated with the same cold finger and are interchangeable with the available Dewar Detector.

Ricor’s rotary integral Cryocooler K543 model has a  cooling power of  >1W at 71°C, using the K548/9 cold finger and is able to cool the detector with few Mega pixels.

The K544 model is a ruggedized derivative of the K543 model that has qualified and is in production on a project with harsh vibration profiles and an extreme ambient above 100°C. The cooler cooling power is >0.95W at 100°C ambient at 95K.