Our Story


Ricor founded


Development of scientific cryogenic instruments


Start of development of miniature cryocoolers


First IR miniature cryocooler launched


K508 cryocooler model qualified


Production facility expansion to 7,400 sqm


>100,000 cryocoolers cumulatively delivered


50 “cool years” anniversary


>90 cryocoolers delivered for space programs


>2,000 SWaP-C cryocoolers delivered for HOT detectors

Ricor Systems is a world-leader in innovative cooler technology for the infrared, scientific instrumentation and semiconductor industries

Ricor develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of advanced products and solutions, from Cryocoolers for Infrared, X-Ray and Gamma Detectors, Scientific Instrumentation & Vacuum Cryo Pumps, to Wafer Storage Purge Systems for the Semiconductor Industry, as well as Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Diagnostic tools, Solutions for High Temperature Superconductivity Devices and Advanced Acoustic Noise & Vibration Control.


Ricor serves the space, military and defense, homeland security, semiconductor, commercial and scientific equipment industries

Based on Stirling Cryogenic Cooler types, Ricor’s technologies offer tremendous flexibility, servicing cooling power needs ranging from a fraction of a Watt up to 15W, temperatures from 7K to 150K and input power consumption as low as 2.5W (for handheld equipment).


Cooling capacity


Cold tip temperatures


Input power consumption

Meeting the Needs of an Evolving World

From the outer limits of space to the infinitesimal spaces of semi-conductors, Ricor has an extensive technological footprint. Its cryocoolers were recently employed in the Mars Curiosity space mission, while its military and defense products have been tested in some of the world’s toughest battlegrounds. Governments depend on Ricor’s homeland security products for long life operation 24/7. While scientists rely on our efficient cooling to increase the up-time of semiconductors and deliver high performance accuracy in the laboratory, our high value products serve a wide range of commercial applications, providing total reliability.

Our Values

icon Customer driven

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our existence, and we as an organization are obliged to realize it by providing solutions which are better than our competitors.

icon Integrity

Ricor is committed to being a fair and honest company that regards loyalty and integrity as the basis of its business ethics.

icon Leadership

Ricor is a leader in its field, thanks to people willing to learn, who strive to achieve excellence, continuous improvement and innovation, working with clear and precise processes that ensure a required and measured result.

icon Openness

Willingness to share knowledge and feedback is the basis of sustained leadership. We encourage the culture of reliable and courageous reporting as a leverage to learn and improve with recognition and respect.

icon Attractiveness

Ricor endeavors to be the preferred choice of customers, suppliers and employees.


Ricor’s products are manufactured to the highest standards, with certification in quality management systems, environmental management and occupational health and safety. Ricor is AS9100D, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 certified.

Ricor operates a 50,000 Sq. foot facility consisting of a multi-precision machine shop, spacious, sterile assembly areas, a state-of-the-art QA department and large volume environmental test chambers.

Ricor in the Community

At Ricor, we measure success as much by our environmental and social impact as by our financial performance.

Social responsibility and corporate citizenship is an integral part of our value system and we manifest this through active involvement and field work in the communities where we live and work. We’re proud of the fact that many of our projects are driven by the voluntary commitment of our employees, putting their personal talents to the service of others. We reward our employees for their initiatives and actively seek out new opportunities to ensure we are having a positive impact on our communities.

Human Resources

Hiring and keeping the brightest talent helps explain why we’re the market leader in cryogenic technology
At Ricor, we’re dedicated to ensuring our employees have what they need to flourish both personally and professionally within our company. We reward our people with highly competitive compensation, excellent benefits and offer many opportunities for personal development and further study.

Open Positions

Test Equipment Engineer | Full-time


Job description:

  • Developing interfaces, test equipment and upgrading testing systems.
  • Development / maintenance of software environment/LABVIEW.
  • Characterization of software according to the project requirements.
  • Performing integration.
  • Software testing.


Job characteristics:

  • Ability to learn the present test equipment, software development, ability to write specifications and convey cognitive content.
  • Ability to carry out an event investigation.
  • High self-learning ability.
  • Ability to lead a project.


Job requirements:

  • Technician / Electronics Software Engineer.
  • Advanced LabVIEW course stage 2.
  • Ability to detect and solve circuits problems.
  • Ability to study code B / LABVIEW.
  • Ability to carry out updating changes to the code B /LABVIEW.
  • Ability to understand integrated hardware / software systems.
  • Advantage of a familiarity with ATEASY software.
  • Assistant to the electronics manufacturing team manager.






  • Hebrew at the mother tongue level.
  • English knowledge -high level.


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Information Systems Manager | Full Time


Job description:


  1. Formulation and implementation in the field of information systems policy:


  •  Initiating, assisting and consulting various entities in the company in formulating a computer and information systems strategy in accordance with Ricor’s policy and overall vision.
  •  Consulting strategic and operational decision-making processes related to the management and analysis of accumulated knowledge.
  •  Analysis of needs regarding information systems in terms of the current situation, the required situation and finding appropriate means and processes to implement these needs.
  •  Updating and assimilating new technologies in the information systems lineup.
  •  Leading the organization to an era of decision-making based on up-to-date processed data.
  •  Availability of systems for the optimal functioning of the organization.


  1. Preparation of work plans and budget management in the information systems field:


  •  Preparing annual and quarterly work plans related to short and long term information systems and monitoring their implementation.
  •  Planning, execution and budget control related to information systems.
  •  Formulation and assimilation of work procedures in the information systems lineup.
  •  Management of the work force with regards to tasks and implementation of priorities.


  1. Management of communications and procurement regarding information systems:


  • Leading selection processes for choosing subcontractors and suppliers in the computerization and information systems field.
  • Supervision and control of subcontractors’ work, including confirmation of their compliance with defined obligations in accordance with the schedule and the specified budget.


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General Manager's Secretary | Full Time


Job description:


  • Office management and general administrative work.
  • Managing the calendar and coordinating meetings.
  • Assistance in writing meeting summaries and monitoring tasks.
  • Arranging and coordinating all activities, overseas travel and hosting guests at the company’s facility.
  • Managing and preparing the conference rooms at the beginning and at the end of the main meetings.
  • Assistance in preparing presentations and other material for the CEO and board of management members.
  • Managing and handling of all marketing communications activities in the company – exhibitions, catalog, internet, merchandising and more. Reporting to marketing manager.
  • Assistance to all the company’s personnel in various administrative activities.


Job characteristics:


  • Work at the reception desk – receiving and welcoming guests, backup and support for the factory secretary, representation.
  • Sometimes working at unusual hours.
  • Absolute discretion and professional propriety.
  • Ability to lead projects from beginning to end.
  • Possessing a broad perspective and ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Pleasant interpersonal work atmosphere. Ability to provide a very high standard of services.


Job requirements:


  • B.A.
  • Excellent command of English – reading, writing and speaking.
  • Excellent familiarity with Office software, including Power Point and Excel.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, particularly in teamwork.
  • Accuracy and ability to pay attention to detail.
  • A pleasant and welcoming disposition.

Assistant to the Company’s CEO (excluding marketing communications projects that are reported directly to the Marketing Manager).

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Our Management

Itzchak Gat Chairman

Brig General (Ret.) Itzchak Gat serves as Chairman of the Board of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd from June 2013 to January 2017. Prior to this, Mr. Gat served as Evp & General Manager of Elbit Systems EW and SIGINT – Elisra Ltd. from 2005 to 2013.Elisra, including its fully-owned subsidiaries Elbit Systems BMD and Land EW – Elisra Ltd. and Elbit Systems SAR and Data Links – Elisra Ltd., is a world leader of electronic warfare, intelligence and communications solutions, providing tri-service advanced technologies for air, ground and sea. In addition to his role at Elbit, Gat served at co-chairman of NaanDanJain Irrigation board of directors from 2008 to 2014.From 1999 to 2004, he served as CEO of Poalim Electronic Communication, a company of the Hapoalim Investments Group.In 1999, Mr. Gat completed a six year term as CEO of Rafael. While at Rafael, he introduced significant changes, covering its reorganization and incorporation as a limited government-owned company. During this time, export sales were doubled through international cooperation agreements.Brig. General (Ret.) Itzchak Gat served 27 years as a fighter pilot and a commander in the Israeli Air Force. He graduated from the Air Force Pilot Academy in 1967 as an outstanding student, and his military career included command of two combat squadrons, command of the Ramat David Air Force Base, Head of the Operational Requirement Department, and Head of the Logistics & Engineering Directorate (1990-92). Mr. Gat was born in Israel in 1947. He holds a B.Sc. in aeronautical engineering from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

Yuval Beeri CEO

Yuval Beeri, CEO of Ricor, has 23 years of experience in various industries. This experience includes different fields such as operations, marketing, CEO and chairman positions both at Keulick & Soffa and Maytronics. Yuval holds BA in Economy from the Jerusalem Hebrew University and MBA from Derby university.

Simchon Horesh CFO

CFO of Ricor for over 20 years, Horesh started as CFO of the Industrial group Ein Harod Ihud (Palbam, Ricor) in 1992, before moving to become CFO of Ricor Ein Harod Ihud in 2006. Horesh has also served as CFO and Manager of the Supply at Euro Magnesium (a subsidiary of Palbam) since its establishment in 2010. Since joining the group over two decades ago, Horesh has been a member of the Ricor management team and also serves on the Finance Committee of the Ein Harod Ihud. Horesh holds an MSc. in Economics and Management from the Haifa Technion Israel Institute.

Victor (Vicky) Segal VP Marketing

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, previously worked at Terraflex Reshafim Ltd. as Chief Engineer. The course of his career at Ricor included Product Engineer, Engineers Team Leader and Regional Marketing Manager. Segal holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and ME in Systems Engineering, both from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Sara Yoffe VP Operations

As Director of Operations, Sara Yoffe translates Ricor's corporate strategy to operational activities, with responsibility for improving methods and work processes. Yoffe joined Ricor 15 years ago and has advanced within the company from Production Manager to her current role. She previously worked at Tnuva Tel Yosef as a Manufacturing Engineer. Yoffe holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion– Israel Institute of Technology.

Dan Gover VP Research & Development

Dan Gover previously worked as Operations Manager of Lambda solutions, Vancouver-Canada, Production Manager at Jordan Valley Semiconductors and Industrial Engineering Manager at SCD (Semi Conductor Devices). He started his career as a planner at Rafael. Gover holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

Shlomi Baruch VP Quality

Shlomi Baruch was appointed Ricor Quality Manager in 2010 and served as its Quality Engineer from 2007 until his current appointment. He previously worked as a Quality Engineer for Rafael. Baruch holds an MSc in Quality & Reliability from the Technion - Israel institute of Technology. He also holds a degree in Imaging Methods from the Bar Ilan University and is currently studying for a BSC in Electronics Engineering.

Ido Shaked Malul VP Human Resources & IT Manager

Ido Malul has been with Ricor for nearly 10 years, working in a variety of positions. In his current role as VP Human Resources & Budget control Supervisor, he is responsible for planning and implementing the company’s Human Resources strategic plan. Ido Malul oversees Ricor's HR annual planning process, organizational development, training, compensation and benefits, social activities, talent recruitment and CSR activities. He holds a Industrial Engineering and Management from Ort Braude Institute

Aliza Dagan Senior assembly line Manager

Aliza Dagan has worked in Ricor for over 20 years. Formerly production manager and currently Ricor's senior assembly line Manager A Member of Ricor’s management team for over ten years. Graduated practical engineering at the Rupin Institute

Zvi Bar Haim CTO

Zvi Bar Haim has worked in Ricor for over 40 years. He currently holds the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Bar Haim provides guidance and advice on all of the company’s development projects. He is also deeply involved in the design and efficiency of the production lines. Previously, Bar Haim has served in a variety of key roles in Ricor’s development team and senior management.