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  • New launch: 1W@80K Cryocooler K570

    A new 1W@80K split linear stirling cryocooler has recently been launched by the Ricor team. The cooler enables extended ambient temperature -50°C up to 85°C, MTTF goal 30,000hr, Tactical application: MWS, Gen 3 and Mega pixel array. A solution for responsive SPACE.
  • Under development: New Ricor Model K588

    Split stirling linear cryocooler for high operational temperature applications - new Ricor model K588.
  • Adaptation of K527 cryocooler to K508 cold finger

    Ricor is providing 1/2W@95K split linear stirling cryocooler with MTTF goal 30,000hr, ultimate solution for Hand Held thermal imager and compliance with standard K508 Dewar design.