Innovation & Technology    R&D Cooperation

Ricor has been a member of the HySP (Hyper Sensitive Photonics) Consortium, working hand-in-hand with some of the world's leading technology and R&D companies. HySP was established to meet the need for digital cameras that can produce a high quality images in low-light conditions (defined as the lighting level in a landscape with a quarter moon or less). There is currently global investment momentum in this field and the consortium members are interested in positioning themselves as world leaders in the development of cameras, processes and production methods for digital low-light sensing systems. Ricor has played an important role in the consortium – introducing four innovative solutions and spearheading the development of a cooling modular prototype.

Ricor works in close co-operation with the cryogenic cooling lab at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the 'Technion' (Israel Institute of Technology) - a world renowned university at the forefront of teaching and research in technology, science and engineering.  Our activity at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering concentrates on the development of the cryogenic coolers (cryocoolers) themselves, enabling their incorporation in various systems for autonomic operation. Our core activity focuses on the development of micro-cryocoolers along with advanced actuators to replace conventional electric motors.

Ricor works with the crogenic cooling lab on joint research projects, co-operating with experiments and publishing joint articles with Prof. Gershon Grossman.