Innovation & Technology    Power Generation Development

FPSG-400 (Free Piston Stirling Generator – 400WAC) is a novel product under development at Ricor, enabling electrical power generation where small size, low weight, aural non-detectability and high reliability are of concern. Based on the Free-Piston Stirling Engine technology, it enables the use of a wide range of fuel types to generate electrical power e.g. gas, liquid, solid, nuclear, organic waste, etc. The typically high power density and long maintenance-free lifetime make these devices very attractive for many civil purposes. The big advantage of the Stirling Engine over modern technologies is its high level of maturity, allowing quick design, full adaptation to a wide range of applications, and mass production. Areas of potential use:
  • Portable Battery Charging Station
  • “Silent” Power Supply
  • “Green” Power Supply (utilizing organic waste)
  • Industrial Waste Heat Recovery
  • Micro Combined Heat & Power (mCHP)
  • Solar Power Conversion
Power Generation (max.) 400 Wak
Engine Efficiency (Heat to Electricity) 38%
Weight 7 kg
Aural Non-Detectability Distance 10 m
Life Time (goal) 30,000 hrs
Target Fuel Type JP8
Fuel Consumption 0.18 kg/hr
Target Application Portable Battery Charger