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N2 Purge Systems

As semiconductor advanced processes immerge, wafer storage has become critical to wafer manufacturing yield N2 purging during wafer storage protects the wafers from harmful effects of oxygen, water vapor and gaseous contaminants.

Solutions Offered by Ricor Semiconductor Equipment Division

  • High purity purging systems that meet SEMI standards and are available as 'standalone' units or fully integrated into stockers with full communication of AMHS and OHV systems.
  • The equipment has been designed and manufactured (including customization and field retrofit) in the following forms:
    • Standalone
    • Stocker integrated
    • Load port integrated

Process Control

To comply with wafer process control, the N2 purging equipment should have an availability of: flow control, O2 and RH sensing, as well as functional alarms. ‚ÄčThis should all be communicated to the host computer via standard communication protocols.