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Development of Cryocoolers for High Operating Temperature (HOT) Detectors

At Ricor, we've been spearheading the development of Cryocoolers for High Operating Temperature (HOT) detectors, designing them for integration into various projects.
We are committed to delivering long-term solutions through innovation leadership, and our cryocoolers for these detectors will be based on state-of-the-art technologies with an emphasis on SWaP - Size Weight & Power.
The world's leading detector companies have announced the development of such detectors, focusing on the following applications:

  • Mobile observation systems for field soldiers
  • Lightweight payloads for UAVs
  • Remote controlled sniper and weapon stations
  • Homing head missiles

The following main requirements have been defined by our customers:

  • Very low input power
  • Very low acoustic noise
  • Very short cooling time
  • Highly accurate temperature stability
  • Minimal volume, size and weight

Based on a deep understanding of needs, the market, and technological familiarity, RICOR is planning the development of a unique cryocoolers to meet our customers' requirements. A preliminary analysis indicates that it may not be possible to meet all of these requirements with a single cryocooler, therefore, two cryocoolers may need to be developed: an Integral Rotary Cryocooler and a Split Linear Cryocooler. For each system, the cryocooler which best answers the project's critical requirements will be selected. Through this method, Ricor will maximize each of the leading technologies, both rotary and linear.