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• Cooler Weight: 450 gr.

• Cooler Weight: 450 gr.

• Cooler Weight: 450 gr.


Integral Stirling 1/2W Micro Cooler


Small Format Array

Mid Format Array

Large Format Array

Scan Lines TDI


Hand Held Thermal Imagers

Missile Warning Systems

Thermal Weapon Sights

Border Surveillance


Field Observations

Observation Payloads

IR Search and Track


Airborne EVS


Fire Control Systems - AFV / MBT

Gas Leak Detection


Non Destructive Testing


• Cooldown Time (250J @77K @23°C):

5 min. Typ.

• MTTF > 10,000 Hours

• Meets Environmental Conditions per


The K508 microcooler design model is solidly

based on the concepts of direct detector

mounting on the cooler’s cold finger, and the

integral construction of the cooler and Dewar

envelope. Operation of the integral Stirling

microcooler, driven by a DC brushless motor,

is clean, silent and highly reliable. Model

K508 has been in service since 1994. Over

70,000 coolers have been fielded and

operate reliably onboard numerous ground,

airborne, heliborne, naval and space

applications. The K508 contains an onboard

temperature controller, which offers standby,

remote shutdown and over-temperature

/over-current protection options. By adopting

various types of Dewar envelopes, this

microcooler can meet the cooling demands

of most advanced IR detectors.

Specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.

Ambient Temperature Range:

- Operational - 0°C. .+85°C

- Non-Opera ional: -54°C...+85°C

• Cooling Capacity Power:



• Cooler Weight: 450 gr.

• Input Voltage: 12-16V or 18-28V

• Steady State Input Power:

7Wdc@220mW, 77K

• Maximum Input Power: 17WDC