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Ricor Systems is a world-leader in innovative cooler

technology for the infrared, scientific instrumentation and

semiconductor industries. Ricor develops, manufactures

and markets a wide range of advanced products and

solutions, from Cryocoolers for Infrared, X-Ray and Gamma

Detectors, Scientific Instrumentation & Vacuum Cryo

Pumps, to Wafer Storage Purge Systems for the

Semiconductor Industry, as well as Semiconductors

Manufacturing Equipment Diagnostic tools, Solutions for

High Temperature Superconductivity Devices and Advanced

Acoustic Noise & Vibration Control. Ricor serves the space,

military and defense, homeland security, semiconductors,

commercial and scientific equipment industries.

Based on Stirling Cryogenic Cooler types, Ricor's

technologies offer tremendous flexibility, servicing cooling

power needs ranging from a fraction of a Watt up to 15W,

temperatures from 35K to 200K and input power

consumption under 2W (for handheld equipment).