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Low Power Split Stirling Linear Micro-Miniature Cryocooler


Small Format Array

Mid Format Array




Hand Held Thermal Images

Thermal Weapon Sights

Miniature Gypo Stabilized Payloads

Border Surveillance


< 4:00 min. Typ.

Specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.

The K527 is a new member of RICOR’s

expanding family of cryogenic coolers. This

model is the smallest and lightest in the range

of linear split Stirling cryogenic cooler having

nominal heat lift 1/2W @95K @71ºC and

MTTF well in excess of 30,000 hours. The

K527 is an ultimate solution for demanding

infrared applications, where weight, size,

power consumption, heat sinking, reliability,

flexibility in system design, vibration export and

aural stealth are of concern. The complies fully

with MIL-STD-810 meeting the stringent

environmental requirements for mission-critical

applications. A K527 derivative based on a

short cold finger ( named "Shorty"), is

designed for novel IR detectors operating at

150K and above for compact payloads

requiring exceptionally fast cooldown times.

• Cooler Weight:


Standart Cold Finger

Short Cold Finger

• Maximum Power Consumption:



> 30,000 Hours (Goal)

• Meets Environmental Conditions per:


• Ambient Temperature Range:


• Induced forces from the compressor:

<2.8 lbf

<0.22 lbf

• Typical Steady State Input Power:

@50mW Active Load

4WDC @110K

Dewar Heat Load

200mW @77K @23°C

5WDC @150K

Dewar Heat Load

265mW @77K @23°C

• Input Voltage:

5-12V or 28V

• Nominal Cooling Capacity @71°C:

500mW @95K

750mW @150K

• Cooldown Time @23°C:

< 4 min. Typ.

to 110K @280J

< 1 min. Typ.

to 150K @200J