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Split Stirling 3/4W Micro Cooler


Large Format Array

Mega Pixel Array

QWIP 65÷70 Kelvin

Scan Lines TDI

Dual Band/Color


Missile Warning Systems

Border Surveillance


Observation Payloads

IR Search and Track

Fire Control System - AFV / MBT


Specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.

The K549 IDA split Stirling rotary cryocooler

was specially designed to meet the cooling

demands of large format FPA detectors in

military type gimbaled systems. This model is

a member in RICOR’s rotary IDAs, it shares

the same cold finger/dewar assembly as

models K548/K508 integral Stirling rotary

microcoolers. This cooler is based on the

concept of direct detector mounting on the

cooler cold finger - IDA. The K549 is

designed to meet requirements of

compactness, low acoustic noise and low

vibrations. It also offers longer operating life,

hence reduced life cycle costs. This cooler

contains an onboard temperature controller

that excels in accurate temperature stability

and minimal temperature drift.

• Steady State Input Power:

16WDC Typ.

Dewar Heat Load

550mW @77K @23°C

11WDC Typ.

Dewar Heat Load

280mW @77K @23°C

< 4:00 min. Typ.

• Cooler Weight:

K548 Cold Finger

K508 Cold Finger

• Input Voltage:

18-28 VDC

• Maximum Input Power:


• Cooldown Time:

< 5 min. Typ.

620J @77K @23°C

< 3 min. Typ.

340J @77K @23°C


> 10,000 Hours

• Meets Environmental Conditions per:


• Ambient Temperature Range:

Operational: -40°C...+71°C Non-Operational: -56°C...+85°C

• Nominal Cooling Capacity @71°C:

750mW @77K

500mW @77K

940 gr

860 gr