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Robust, battle-proven products for military & defense applications

  As a market leader, Ricor’s comprehensive range of Miniature Cryocoolers solutions meets the operational needs and challenges of a wide variety of forces and scenarios. From weapon sights and night vision, through coastal security, to aircraft protecting systems and thermal imagers Ricor's Miniature Cryocoolers are designed for various devices and applications. We provide SWAP cryocoolers for HOT infra-red detectors, long life cryocoolers and robust high-cooling power cryocoolers for high-end systems and detectors. All Ricor products are manufactured according to SWAP – ensuring compact size, weight and low power consumption. You can find Ricor’s Miniature Cryocoolers in:
Hand Held Thermal ImagersK508K508NK561 K563K562SK527K527
Missile Warning SystemsK508K508NK543K549K549K570K570
Thermal Weapon SightsK508K508NK561K563K562SK527K527
Border SurveillanceK508K508NK548K543K549K549K529NK529NK570K570
UAVsK508K508NK561K563 K562SK548 K549 K549
Field Observations K508K508N K561K563
Observation PayloadsK508K508NK548K549K549K529NK529N
Airborne EVSK508K508NK561K563K548
FTIR K508 K508NK561K563K548
Miniature PayloadsK561 K563K562S