Applications    Homeland security

We provide long life 24/7 reliability for continuous operation homeland security products

The rising risk of international terrorism and repeated terrorist attacks have prompted calls for greater global security from societies throughout the world. Against this backdrop, new technologies have a key role to play, from systems to ensure security in urban areas with high population density, to the protection of sensitive sites such as museums, military installations and research establishments. Ricor's have developed a set of Miniature Cryocoolers that suite the most advance, reliable and update homeland security solutions. You can find Ricor’s Miniature Cryocoolers in:
Hand Held Thermal ImagersK508K508NK561K563K562SK527K527
Border SurveillanceK508K508NK548K543K549K549K527K527K529NK529NK570K570
Field ObservationsK508K508NK561K563
IR Search and TrackK508K508NK548K529NK529NK549K549
Airborne EVS K508K508NK561K563K548
Gas Leak Detection K508K508NK561K563K548
Fire Control Systems - AFV / MBTK508K508NK548K549K549K529NK529N
FTIR K508K508NK561K563K548