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Qnergy strives to be a world leader in thermal energy conversion by providing cutting-edge solutions that extract maximum value-of-energy for our customers while preserving the environment. Qnergy was established in 2009 by Ricor Cryogenic & Vacuum, a world leader in the field of miniature Stirling cryogenic coolers. Qnergy’s Stirling engines are based on Ricor's proven technology, IP, and know-how, employed over the past 40 years.
Qnergy has developed a unique proven technology that perfectly addresses and suits the utility industry's challenges. Based on the original Stirling thermodynamic cycle, the Qnergy power-generation solution presents an advanced compilation of a number of sophisticated technologies, many of which were originally developed for the space and defense industries.
The Company develops and manufactures highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective Stirling engines for various applications including: micro-combined heat and power (CHP), liquidized natural gas solar power generation and solar CHP. Qnergy’s technology will enable residential and business customers to generate power and hot water on-site with a total efficiency of over 90%.